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Social Media Management

Social media is the largest free marketing opportunity available. Having a consistent, strong online presence is essential. We find your brand identity and use this to create content across all platforms. We manage social media from posting to growing your niche community.

Digital Marketing

We grow your brand by covering every online touching point. This includes social media, website and email marketing. With our approach to digital marketing, your audience will constantly be reminded of your brand while also experiencing ease of flow from ad to product, service or song. 

Content Creation

We understand that running a brand is extremely time consuming. Quality content creation is not at the top of most brands lists, causing them to lose audience and influence. We are different than most branding agencies because we conceptualize and produce the high quality content your brand needs. With everything in house, communication is easy and edit times are quick.

Spotify Playlisting

Landing your song on the right playlist could lead to blowing up that song and thousands of new fans. We understand the algorithms and get your songs on playlists with real listeners and real streams This highly increases your chances of landing a Spotify curated playlist. 

Creative Strategy

If your content isn't produced and released with strategy, you will struggle to gain traction. We build strategy plans for your specific needs that cover the entire process. Everything you create and release will be intentional.

Brand Identity 

Do you feel your brand is too broad? Is it hard to pin point your target audience? We take you through a program to get to the core of your brand's identity. This should be the starting point for all brands. Before you create content or a website, you need to know who you are and who your audience is.

Website Branding

Did you launch a beautiful website to end up getting zero traffic? Are you not sure where to start? Most website designers are, well, just designers. With story telling and closing being our focus, we drive traffic without disrupting creativity. 

Photo Shoot

One-off photo shoot

$150/hour 2 hour min.

Unlimited looks 8 edits

Video Shoot

One-off video shoot

$175/hour 2 hour min.

1 min. max final edit

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